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Fact: 10 U.S. Military Bases Are Named After Confederate 2020-6-10 · In the debate over Confederate symbols in the U.S., the 10 Army bases named after Confederate generals who fought for the South during the Civil War have largely escaped scrutiny. U.S. Army Will Not Be Changing The Names Of Army Bases 2020-6-10 · The U.S. Army will not be changing any of the names of army bases named for Confederate officers. In a tweet this afternoon, President Trump said, quote, "my administration will … Opinion | Renaming the Army Bases - The New York Times 2020-7-19 · To the Editor: Re “More Heroes, Fewer Traitors” (editorial, July 12): By presenting a sample of true American heroes as suggestions for new names for Army bases now bearing the names of Why are Army bases named after Confederates? - The

10 Army bases are named for Confederate officers who

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2020-6-8 · "These bases are, after all, federal installations, home to soldiers who swear an oath to support and defend the Constitution of the United States," Petraeus wrote. "The irony of training at bases

House lawmakers are attempting to allocate $1 million in a defense spending bill to rename US Army bases that honor Confederate leaders during the Civil War. The total $695 billion bill, one of a Nov 24, 2015 · Bases: Fort Bragg, Pope Airfield Unlucky call sign: ”Fort Drag,” “No hope Pope" Why it's not great: Fort Bragg is like the Kardashians -- everybody in the Army knows about it, talks about it