If I already have a VPN, why do I need to check for DNS leaks? Sometimes, one of two things might go wrong: Your device might send DNS traffic outside of the VPN tunnel. Your device might send DNS traffic through the VPN tunnel, but to a third-party DNS server. In both cases, unauthorized third parties might see the list of websites and apps

Oct 16, 2017 Solved: Command to check IPSEC tunnel on ASA 55 - Cisco In your case the above output would mean that L2L VPN type connection has been formed 3 times since the last reboot or clearing of these statistics. All the formings could be from this same L2L VPN connection. EDIT: And yes, there is only 1 Active VPN connection … Is my VPN Working? Here's How to Check if VPN is Leaking Dec 20, 2019 Linux/Unix check if VPN connection is Active/Up - Stack

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