“Apple Inc.’s iPhone is collecting and storing location information even when location services are turned off, according to a test conducted by The Wall Street Journal. The location data appear to be collected using cellphone towers and Wi-Fi access points near a user’s phone and don’t appear to be transmitted back to Apple.

Understanding iOS Location Services and what they do Jan 21, 2016 How to Turn On Location Services on an iPhone or iPad: 11 Enabling Location Services: Open your iPhone’s "Settings" app. This is the app with the gray cogs … How to Adjust iPhone's Location Settings and Services The Location Services list opens and displays all apps that can use your location in one way or another. When Location Services is being accessed by an app, its icon appears in the status bar. Turn Location Services on or off for each app. The Location Services icon next to apps indicate the following: How to Fix Location Services on iPhone

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Mar 09, 2020 Find friends and share your location with Find My - Apple Nov 15, 2019 Enable Location Services for Hulu

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Jan 27, 2019 · Your iPad and iPhone uses GPS services as well as Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and mobile networks to get an accurate view of where you are at the moment. If you don’t want to have your location tracked, you can disable the Location Services on your iOS device. Jun 04, 2018 · You can restrict apps from using location services, allow them always to use locations services, or only allow the location services to be used only when the apps are in use. This article will discuss how to set location services usage of apps on iPhone. The Location Services on your iOS device can do more than you think. Important: iOS 11 now allows the option to use location services only when an app is in use. Do not select the "While Using the App" option, as it will prevent MileIQ from detecting drives consistently. For automatic drive detection to work, location services for MileIQ must be set to Always. Additional Information Apr 27, 2020 · If your iPhone is turned off, it will appear on the map and sidebar as an iPhone with a blank screen; If your iPhone is turned on, it will appear on the map and sidebar as an iPhone with an active Home screen. Select your iPhone from the list of devices. Tap Directions to get driving or walking directions to your iPhones' general location. If Sep 19, 2019 · My compass reports the orientation of my iPhone compared to local level, the location coordinates to the arc-second, city, and current elevation. I am thinking that your compass likely works much better (if at all) if it gets that location info, and might be worthwhile leaving compass location info turned on.