$ sudo tasksel install ubuntu-mate-core. To Launch the GUI MATE desktop execute the command below $ sudo service lightdm start. Click on the Start button to explore further. 2) Lubuntu Core Server Desktop. This is considered to be the most lightweight and resource friendly GUI for Ubuntu 18.04 server It is based on the LXDE desktop environment.

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Jul 25, 2020

Ubuntu Server System doesn’t feature a desktop Gui (graphical user interface) by default. GUI can be installed on the desktop environment even though it consumes system resources such as processor and memory. The resources designed to control server-oriented operations and also working efficiently in a GUI environment. In this article, I am going to show you how to install and configure TFTP server on Ubuntu. So, let’s get started. Installing TFTP Server: In this article, I am going to install the tftpd-hpa TFTP server package on Ubuntu (Ubuntu 19.04 in my case). The package tftpd-hpa is available in the official package repository of Ubuntu. So, you can Dec 24, 2018 · Because the server kernel could get upgrades, it is best to run this process when a reboot is possible. Also, after the desktop GUI installs, you'll need to reboot the server anyway. Best practices for remote GUI access to ubuntu server 3 Which is the best way, if possible, to maintain a remote X session that survives network outages, reboots etc

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