Jan 28, 2010 · Founded in New York in 1998 under the name Ixquick, Startpage is the only major search engine to provide fully anonymous, private searches, since it does not record any personal data on its users.

By default, settings are stored in an anonymous browser cookie. If you prefer to not use cookies, please use the URL below (instead of the "Save" button) to access Startpage.com based on your preferences. Clicking search results means leaving the protection of Startpage.com. This could lead to a barrage of cookies being installed on your device. That’s why we developed the "Anonymous View" feature. With "Anonymous View" you can visit search results in full privacy, and keep on browsing: They’ll never know you were there. DuckDuckGo is also available on, and for the regular web, so you can use it both to access the deep web, as well as your regular websites. They are primarily in demand for the fact that they are anonymous, and do not keep track of your activities, search history, interests, or anything else for that matter. If you have added Startpage as a search engine to your web browser, search suggestions will be provided through the address bar/omnibox without needing to enable an option. Note for Chrome users: The browser option "Use a prediction service to help complete searches and URLs typed in the address bar" must be enabled for search suggestions to Anonymous View protects users' privacy with every web search In an effort to further protect its users online, privacy search engine Startpage.com has launched a new “Anonymous View” feature. The new feature protects users against tracking by serving as an anonymous buffer between websites and end users.

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Oct 09, 2019 · Private search engine with no tracking, storing, or selling users’ search history. Search the web in complete privacy. To ensure you have “always-on” search privacy AND to search Startpage directly from your URL bar, we recommend installing our search engine browser extension. The Startpage private search and browsing extension: - Does

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