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No L2TP VPN working neither with setup in networking connections nor with the Shimo VPN client. Shimo support reported me that, due to security features in Catalina, no L2TP can work any more. So this doesn’t seem a bug but an intentional choice Several years ago, the most common way to connect computers between multiple offices was by using a leased line. Leased lines, such as ISDN (integrated services digital network, 128 Kbps), are private network connections that a telecommunications company can lease to its customers. Layer 2 Tunneling Protocol (L2TP) is a computer networking protocol used by Internet service providers (ISPs) to enable virtual private network (VPN) operations. L2TP is similar to the Data Link Layer Protocol in the OSI reference model, but it is actually a session layer protocol. A User Datagram Protocol (UDP) port is used for L2TP A common configuration failure in an L2TP/IPSec connection is a misconfigured or missing certificate, or a misconfigured or missing preshared key. If the IPSec layer cannot establish an encrypted session with the VPN server, it will fail silently. As a result, the L2TP layer does not see a response to its connection request. nope, the vpn connection works but I need to be able to connect to the client, so it has to get the same ip address on the vpn every time. now it gets a random ip from the l2tp connection even when i set the client to use a fixed ip PPTP still works fine. I have investigated this throroughly by using different remote computers, and contacting technical support of my server machine for additional assistance (no server issue was found). I can connect to the L2TP server through a computer on the internal network without issue.

As mentioned above, if you’re on the most recent RouterOS firmware, IPSec will be configured correctly so it Just Works™. Of course, I noticed that it hadn’t turned the encryption up to 11 and decided to muck with it. Eventually, after breaking everything, I swallowed by pride, deleted all IPSec config and let the L2TP re-add it correctly.

Jan 05, 2016

Internet Protocol Security, also known as IPSec VPN is a suite of protocols used to provide encryption for tunneling protocols like L2TP and IKEv2. Find out what it is and how it compares against SSL VPNs here.

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