How Do I Permanently Delete Files From My Hard Disk

Aug 27, 2012 · For example, if my Dropbox can hold 2 GB and my computer only has 1 GB of free space, it will still be able to be used on your computer. The only issue would be if you try putting in more files (either by the web interface or another computer) in your Dropbox than your hard disk has of free space, then your Dropbox on your hard disk won't sync Here, you'll see all of your Dropbox folders. Uncheck any folders that you'd like to keep in the cloud but don't need access to. This will remove the files from your computer—freeing up space—without having to delete the files. You can change the folders you have on your computer as often as you need. Deleting photos from Dropbox account is easy. When you delete a photo, then it goes in 'Trash'. If you delete a photo from computer, phones, tablets, and then they will be deleted from the Dropbox website too. You can simply delete photo using delete button on the website. You have another option to delete a photo i.e. drag-and-drop.

Some of my dropbox files are downloading on my computer and I'm getting the warning on my computer that I'm running out of space. I want to delete the files from my hard drive but keep them in my dropbox account but it's saying I don't have permission to delete.

Just open the synced Dropbox folder on your desktop and delete the file you want to eliminate. You may be asked if you want to delete the file "everywhere," or just off your computer. How to Uninstall Dropbox Without Deleting Files - YouTube Feb 25, 2013

How to delete files from Dropbox? How can I select the

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